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Boone: The Bounty Hunter Review

Boone: The Bounty Hunter

When fame-seeking reality show bounty hunter, Boone, attempts to bring down a drug lord and his empire, he uncovers more than he bargains for and learns that justice means more than ratings.

Rated TV-14

Runtime 1H 26M

Directed By Robert Kirbyson

Stars John Hennigan, Osric Chau, Spencer Grammer, Jonathan Lipnicki, Richard Tyson, Jane Park Smith, Lesley Fera, Quinton Jackson, Lorenzo Lamas, Kevin Sorbo, Jaun Gabriel Pareja, Stephanie Arellano, Lateef Crowder, T.J. Storm, Dominique Swain

Boone: The Bounty Hunter Review by Bobs Movie Review

Nintendo Quest Review

Nintendo Quest

In this all-encompassing documentary on Nintendo, gaming enthusiast Jay Bartlett hits the open road with best friend Rob McCallum in hopes of buying the 678 official retail-licensed Nintendo games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (1985) in 30 days with no online purchases. Along the way Jay and Rob will discuss Nintendo history, landmark games, box art, music, graphics, game play and more.

Rated TV-PG

Runtime 1H 31M

Directed By Robert McCallum

Stars Thor Aackerlund, Jay Bartlett, Syd Bolton, Joe Bonasia, Kylie Carmichael, Mason Cramer, Ashley Curtis, Genese Davis, Warren Davis, Walter Day, Paul Dean, Brent Dolan, David Eddings, Marc Ericksen, Sean Evans

Nintendo Quest Review by Bobs Movie Review