Shameless Season 8 Review

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Shameless The Complete Eighth Season

The Gallaghers are finally on an upswing in season eight! Frank (William H. Macy, three-time Screen Actors Guild Award® winner for his role on Shameless), tries to become a contributing member of society. Fiona (Emmy Rossum) finds success as a landlord. Lip (Jeremy Allen White) struggles to stay sober while Ian (Cameron Monaghan) takes up a cause. Debbie (Emma Kenney) tries life as a single working mom, while Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) gets creative finding tuition money after losing his military school scholarship. Meanwhile, Kev (Steve Howey) and V (Shanola Hampton) wrestle with Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) at The Alibi.

Release Date April 24, 2018 on Blu-Ray, and DVD

Rated Not Rated 

Runtime 662M

Created By John Wells, Paul Abbott

Stars William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton, Jeremy Allen White, Steve Howey, Emma Kenney, Cameron Monaghan, Michael Patrick McGill, Isidora Goreshter

Episode #1 We Become What We…Frank!
Fiona has decided she wants to find love, and is quitting Tinder.   Carl is annoying everyone by staying on his military schedule and waking everyone up at 0530.  Frank finishes the last of his meth.  Svetlana changes the name of the Alibi to Putin's Paradise.  Frank tries to make amends with everyone he has wronged.  Carl buys a hot tub!  Kenvin has a cancer scare.

America's most dysfunctional family is back for season 8.  I didn't find anything really funny or shocking in this episode.  However it very entertaining, and great characters along with great acting make this a very enjoyable show.

Episode #2 Where’s My Meth?!
Frank has a job interview, and thinks he is 21.  He shockingly finds a job.  He also gets a bank account, and a cell phone.  Fiona finds that most of he tenants are late on rent.  Kevin joins a breast cancer support group.

I really enjoyed this episode.  It had more humor, and I really love the way the stories are going.  Lip, and Ian both are going through some major emotional issues.  Ian also gets a terrible tattoo which turns out hilarious.  Something is very off with Frank, he is working hard, can telling people not to go on disability.

Episode #3 God Bless Her Rotting Soul
A meth dealer is after the family for his missing meth.  Fiona completes her first eviction, and things
don't go well.  She may have already found new renters though.  Frank really begins to go crazy.

This episode was a lot of fun with the whole family having to admit Fiona was right.  Then they all get to dig up their dead grandma.  Frank just keeps getting more and more outrageous.  He feels guilt for the first time and acts like he is going to die.  Kevin also believes he may be inbred.

Episode #4 Fuck Paying It Forward
Fiona has more fun with her great tenants!  Her ex-boyfriend also shows back up and complicates
things.  Frank wants to be a great father, and be sure Liam doesn't turn out like all the other kids.  Lip
looks to Tinder for some companionship.

For sure funniest moment when Kevin meets the woman who may be  his aunt.  His aunt, and uncle are these great stereotypical backwoods hillbillies.   I didn't really care for the story lines of the other
characters in this episode.

Episode #5 The (Mis) Education of Liam Fergus Beirchart Gallagher
Carl catches the neighborhood thief.  Then finds out he needs $12,000 for school.  Frank is still trying to become father of the year.  Ian is looking for housing for a shelter.  They find a church, but it's right near

Fiona's apartment complex, and she is trying to stop the shelter from moving in.  Svetlana, Kevin, and Veronica find a way to run the bar together.  It's a partime Russian bar, and part time Southern bar.
This is a slightly above average episode of Shameless.  Frank's new relationship is the best part of this episode.  Then ending with Ian, and Fiona is what saves this episode in the end.  The conflict of Ian wanting the church as a shelter, and Fiona wanting to keep the shelter out is very enjoyable.

Episode #6 Icarus Fell. And Rusty Ate Him
One of Fiona's tenants dies, and it is not pretty.  Just her luck this tenant was a hoarder.  The apartment is stacked pretty much wall to wall.  Carl somehow becomes a rehab center.  Frank gets a non fraudulent credit card.  Somehow Frank get's employee of the month.  Brad steals Michael Jordan's arm.

Kevin is hilarious in this episode.  He gets jealous of Veronica, and Svetlana.  Debbie's fear she is
pregnant is also very funny.  Fiona's emotional response to her tenant passing is a great story line.  I think overall this is a much funnier episode.

Episode #7 Occupy Fiona
Frank is looking for a new job in management, he was employee of the month after all.  He finds his way back to alcohol. He is not finding the job market to his liking.   Fiona beings looking for new renters again.  Her feud with Ian over the church intensifies.

The feud between Fiona, and Ian is very compelling, and funny.  Lip is in way over his head trying to save Brad, and Youens.  It is very funny watching him try to get their lives together.  Kevin tries to take a more assertive role in his love life, hilarity ensues.  I think this episode is very funny, and it also has a lot of heart and emotion.  This is by far my favorite episode so far this season.

Episode #8 Frank’s Northern Shuttle Express
Carl gets a girlfriend.  Frank becomes a human smuggler, and also a drug smuggler.  Fiona starts to think about getting her own place.  Kevin becomes more assertive.  Lip looks for a new sponsor.   Ian battles a church who tries to convert homosexuals.

This episode was a bit disappointing as not much really seemed to be happening.  Other then Franks new business, and Kevin trying to be push there wasn't much of interest.

Episode #9 The Fugees
Frank gets caught by some Mounties eh.  With a lot of luck he manages to escape.  Escape turns out to be harder then expected.  Fiona is having issues with the repairs on the apartment building.  She then starts a complicated new relationship.  Debbie becomes a dog sitter.  She also has to raise $300 in one day to stay in school.  A woman comes back from Svetlana's passed.

This one is a lot funnier, and a lot more interesting.  You really can't beat Frank's cross country hi-jinks as he tries to evade the police.   I thought they could have done more with Debbie becoming a drug dealer.  Maybe they will in the future, right now it feels like a missed opportunity.  This episode has a really great ending.

Episode #10 The Church of Gay Jesus
Frank is planning his retirement.  Fiona moves into her new apartment.  Kevin and Veronica are trying to find Svetlana a sugar daddy.  Ian gets a bit of a cult following.  Carl may be in over his head with his new fiancee.

In this episode is not very funny.  It is good though.  It is more dramatic, and seems to be more about everyone dealing with things that are going in their lives that are more dark.  Death, homelessness, people not being accepted, mental health.

Episode #11 A Gallagher Pedicure
Sierra's dad gets released from prison.  She then turns to Lip for help.  Fiona's is being sued, and she could lose everything.  Franks social security fraud doesn't go as well as he thought it would.

Another good one.    I would say the highlight for sure is Fiona's feud with the people she kindly gave her apartment.  Debbie also has an accident and there are parts of this episode are hard to watch.  Luckily they drag them out.

Episode #12 Sleepwalking
Svetlana abducts her former friends, and intends to marry her fiancee.  Brad takes up yoga.  Ian is wanted by the police.  Carl must escape his wife if he wants to make it to military academy.

Half way through this episode I was feeling worried that they weren't going to actually wrap up the story lines.  However they in the end did wrap them up nicely.  Some of the Gallaghers get happier endings then others.  Another great episode.

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