The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Leanred From A Mythical Man Trailer Available Now! and on VOD 10/26

The documentary follows one man's journey to find meaning in Bill Murray's many unexpected adventures with everyday people. Featuring rare and never-before seen footage of the comedic icon participating in stories previously presumed to be urban legend. Whether it be singing karaoke late at night with strangers or crashing a kickball game in the middle of the afternoon, Bill Murray lives in the moment and by doing so, creates magic with real people.

Release Date October 26, 2018 in Theaters, and on VOD

Genre Documentary

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1H 10M

Directed By Tommy Avallone

Stars Bill Murray, Joel Murray, Peter Farrelly, Gavin Edwards, David Allan, Jordan Goetz, Josh Horowitz, Brian Gallagher

The Bill Murray Stories Trailer by Gravitas Ventures

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