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Ghost In The Graveyard

A small town comes under the thumb of Martha, a vengeful ghost who returns to haunt the children who witnessed her death during a game of Ghost in theGraveyard in their youth.  Long blamed for the accident, Sally Sullivan (Berglund) must figure out why Martha has returned and how to get her to rest in peace for good.  As the mystery of her return unravels, deep secrets are revealed that will have consequences for everyone involved.

Release Date TBD

Genre Action, Drama,  Horror

Rated TBD

Run-Time TBD

Directed By Charlie Comparetto

Stars Kelli Berglund, Jake Busey, Olivia Larsen, Royce Johnson, Joah Carmody, Maria Olsen, Zebedee Row, Shiloh Verrico, Nikki Blonsky, Joseph D'Onofrio, Jason James Richter, Faye Giordano, Kylie Kiss, Grace Narducci, Jacqi Vene

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