Hardbodies Blu-Ray Unboxing and Review

(Mill Creek Entertainment)

This story sets out to prove that a smooth, magnetic young man can teach his amorous techniques to almost anyone, leading to successful and hilarious results. Three middle-aged men rent a beach house and hire a young stud to teach them how to score with the girls on the beach.

Release Date January 15, 2019 on Blu-Ray

Genre Comedy

Rated R

Run-Time 1H 28M

Directed By Mark Griffiths

Stars Grant Cramer, Teal Roberts, Gary Wood, Michael Rappaport, Sorrells Pickard, Roberta Collins, Cindy Silver, Courtney Gains, Kristi Somers, Crystal Shaw Martell, Darcy DeMoss, Anthony Ponzini, Marvin Katzoff, Kip Waldo, Michael Miller

Hardbodies Blu-Ray Unboxing and Review by Bobs Movie Review