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The Betty White Collection
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When it comes to comedy, Betty White is queen...a legend, an icon and forever regarded as a pioneer among women throughout the pages of television history. This talented and versatile actress first achieved success in the groundbreaking situation comedy, Life With Elizabeth of which White starred, co-produced and won her first Best Actress Emmy®-award. Another prominent series in her early career was the prime-time series Date With the Angels, which launched Betty into the public eye as one of America’s sweetest and most beloved comedians. 

This incredible collection features 40 rare and acclaimed episodes from Betty White’s early days in television. Also included in this 4-DVD set is a unique documentary chronicling the fascinating journey of the incomparable Betty White. 

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Release Date 
February 5, 2019 on DVD

Genre Docmentary

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 17H 30M

Stars Betty White

Old age hasn’t diminished her. It has given her a second wind.” – New York Times