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Crossbreed Review by Bobs Movie Review

In the near future, the President of the United States of America hires a team of military veterans to retrieve an alien bio-weapon from a top-secret research facility orbiting the Earth. These highly trained mercenaries must infiltrate the space station and recover the deadly experimental alien cargo located onboard. All is going according to the plan until the cargo escapes.

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Release Date 
February 5, 2019 on VOD

Genre Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1H 26M

Directed By Brandon Slagle

Stars Vivca A. Fox, Daniel Baldwin, Stink Fisher, Devanny Pinn, Vernon Wells, Antoine Lanier, John T. Woods, Jason McNeil, Mu-Shaka Benson, Brandyn T. Williams, Jason John Beebe, Olivia Baseman, Tom DiNardo, Serena Lorien, Amanda Mikhail