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Demon Squad
(Wild Eye Releasing)
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Demon Squad Trailer by Wild Eye Releasing

Nick Moon, P.I. (Paranormal Investigator), delves into a hidden world of monsters and creatures of the night as he takes on a case to retrieve an ancient artifact with astonishing power.

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Release Date 
June 25, 2019 on DVD

Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1H 33M

Directed By Thomas Smith

Stars Khristian Fulmer, Erin Liley, Leah Christine Johnson, Martin Ross Henne, Monica Ganoe, Eric C. Schmitz, Kelly Houk, Amir Zandi, Alton Landry, Nathan O'Neil Smith, Michael Santini, Isabella Alberti, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr., Talaine Lyle, Charles Ragas