Dolls Review

(Uncork'd Entertainment)

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Dolls Trailer by Uncork'd Entertainment

A struggling children's book author and his rebellious teenage daughter move into a house they've inherited and find mysterious dolls in the attic. The father and daughter soon learn that the dolls have a sinister - and deadly - past.

Release Date 
July 02, 2019 on Digital, and DVD,

Genre Horror

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time TBD

Directed By Cuyle Carvin

Stars Thomas Downey, Dee Wallace, Trinity Simpson, Bret Green, Elise Muller, Melinda DeKay, Robert R. Ryel, Cuyle Carvin, Scott Anthony Gould, Justin Hawkins

  • Good run time?
  • Interesting idea of how the dolls come to life.
  • OMG Moment Ending

  • Average acting at best.
  • Very few kills.
  • Dolls don't do much.

Final Thoughts
This movie really want to jump on the doll movie bandwagon that is occurring in the summer of 2019.  Sadly it does follow many other low budget horror movies with not much happening until near the end of the movie.  At the half way make the dolls have done little other then make noises in the attack, and just seem to pop up out of nowhere.  One shot even shows a man taking a picture of one only for the picture to show the doll moved, even though we are given a shot of the doll during and after the photo and it hadn't moved.  Add on top of the some average to maybe slightly below average acting.  It does have a good ending, but a bit late to save the rest of the movie.  2/5*