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Soul Reaper
(4Digital Media)
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Charlie's getting married. And when he invites his friends to join him for a stag weekend in a remote British cabin, the group thinks it's a great opportunity to leave the US behind and have a blow out with their old buddy - Only thing is, Charlie isn't telling his friends the whole truth about the trip. Instead of celebrating, events soon take a sinister turn when the friends start to disappear one by one. Is Charlie up to his old tricks? Or has some dark demonic force really been unleashed into the woods? Soon the American friends start to learn the true reason why Charlie has invited them to a creepy cabin in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, and the fight for survival is on.

Release Date 
July 02, 2019 on DVD

Genre Horror

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1H 24M

Directed By Bob Pipe

Stars Kezia Burrows, Ezra Godden, Lizzie Roper, James Groom, Chris Rogers, Richard Sandling, Thomas Nelstrop, Alexander Tol, Michael Geary, Stephen Evans, Katrin Larissa Kasper, Marny Godden, Samantha Thornton-Rice, Michael Pedley, Harrison J. Cole