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Dead Don't Die In Dallas
(Mill Creek Entertainment)

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A miracle pill that supposedly will cure all viral infectious diseases turns most of humanity into Zombies. The few survivors in a small Texas town barricade themselves into an abandoned building. It soon becomes clear that the survivors can be split into two camps: Bible-thumpers and queer folk.

Release Date 
September 03, 2019 on DVD

Genre Action, Comedy, Horror

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1H 31M

Directed By Israel Luna

Stars William Belli, Krystal Summers, Tom Zembrod, Adam Kitchen, Richard D. Curtin, Gerald Crum, Allyn Carrell, KayDee Carr, Chaselyn Wade, Ryan Brogdon, Jenna Skyy, Kenny Ochoa, Ty Tornes, Dillon Vineyard, Logan Wetzel

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