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The Manson Family Massacre

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The Manson Family MassacreTrailer by 4DigitalMedia

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In this unique take on the infamous Manson murders we follow two generations of chilling real life events which occur at 10050 Cielo Drive, one of America's most notorious addresses.

Release Date 
August 06, 2019 on DVD

Genre Crime, Horror

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1H 30M

Directed By Andrew Jones

Stars Brendee Green, Derek Nelson, Lee Bane, Sarah John, Lee Mark Jones, Ciaron Davies, Roger Carvalho, Cassandra Hodges, Alexei Liss, Vicki Glover, Megan Lockhurst, Melissa Hollett, Travis Booth-Millard, Peter Svatik, Darren Swain

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