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Gehenna: Where Death Lives Review

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A group visits Saipan to search for locations for their company's newest resort. As they find what they think is the perfect spot, they discover a hidden bunker on the property which they decide to explore. However, they soon find out that curiosity can kill. As each member faces their most private secrets and the secrets of the bunker itself, the results lead to a most shocking conclusion.

Release Date August 7, 2018 on Blu-Ray, and DVD

Rated Not Rated

Runtime 1H 45M

Directed By Hiroshi Katagiri

Stars Doug Jones, Lance Henricksen, Patrick Gorman, Simon Phillips, Sean Sprawling, Eva Swan, Justin Gordon, Katherine Taylor, Daniel Joo, Charles Chudabala, Maxie Santillan Jr., David Lansky, Keisuke Akizawa, Matthew Edward Hegstrom, Yasunari Akita

Gehenna: Where Death Lives Review by Bobs Movie Review