First Blood Steelbook Pre-Orders Available Now From Zavvi, Releasing 11/12

Former Green Beret John Rambo is pursued into the mountains surrounding a small town by a tyrannical sheriff and his deputies, forcing him to survive using his combat skills.

Rambo takes the '80s Part 1
Drawing First Blood - Making Of
Alternate Ending
Deleted scene: Dream in Saigon
Original Trailer
How to Become Rambo Part 1
The Restoration
The Real Nam
Forging Heroes
Sylvester Stallone Audio commentary
Screenwriter David Morell Audio commentary

Release Date November 12, 2018 on 4K Steelbook

Genre Action, Adventure

Rated 15

Region TBD

Run-Time 1H 33M

Directed By Ted Kotcheff

Stars Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Brian Dennehy, Bill McKinney, Jack Starrett, Michael Talbott, Chris Mulkey, John McLiam, Alf Humphreys, David Caruso, David L. Crowley, Don MacKay, Charles A. Tamburro, David Petersen, Craig Huston