American Hangman Trailer Available Now! Releasing in Theaters, and on VOD 1/4

American Hangman is a thriller built around a relentlessly ticking clock and a rapidly approaching deadline and verdict. A kidnapping, broadcast live on social media, turns into the trial of a judge who presided over a botched criminal case. This time, however, the audience gets to play judge and jury, deciding if the judge himself gets to live or die.

Release Date January 4, 2019 on VOD

Genre Thriller

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1H 39M

Directed By Wilson Coneybeare

Stars Donald Sutherland, Vincent Katheiser, Oliver Dennis, Paul Braunstein, Paul Amato, Matt Baram, Dan Beirne, Joanne Boland, Alexander Crowther, Charlie Ebbs, Jamaal Grant, Parveen Kaur, Kamilla Kowal, Jason Manella, Jess Salgueiro

American Hangman Trailer by Vertical Entertainment