A Million Hits DVD Unboxing and Review

A Million Hits
(Wild Eye Releasing)

A Million Hits DVD
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A Million Hits DVD Unboxing and Review by Bobs Movie Review

When a clique of teen girls, led by "scene queen" Ashley, begins bullying local girls to get attention on the internet, it's up to Jess, the girl who's videotaping their fights, to stand up to Ashley's bullying - or become a victim herself.

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Release Date 
December 18, 2018 on DVD

Genre Action, Drama

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time 1 H 10M

Directed By Janet Harvey

Stars Tess Cline, Kate St. Clair, Monica Perez, Alyona Real, David Roland Strong, Fran Williams, JP DeStefano, Reece Everett Ryan, Joe Bunner, Laurie Gallardo, Tony LaThanh, Jamie Caudle, Dillon Betros, Quita Culpepper, Mary Hatley Coffin