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Rock, Paper, Scissors
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Rock, Paper, Scissors Trailer by Lionsgate Films

From the writer of Friday the 13th and the director of Child’s Play comes this tale of a serial killer that’s been cured… or has he been? Released from a mental hospital, Peter (Luke Macfarlane, “Brothers & Sisters”) is haunted by memories of childhood abuse and murder victims while being menaced by the cop who put him away (Michael Madsen, The Hateful Eight). His only friend is pretty neighbor Monica, who says she wants to interview him for a book. But does she have a more sinister motive in mind?

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Release Date 
July 23, 2019 on Blu-Ray, and DVD

Genre Horror, Thriller

Rated R

Run-Time TBD

Directed By Tom Holland

Stars Michael Madsen, Tatum O'Neal, Maureen McCormick, Luke Macfarlane, Quinton Aaron, Najarra Townsend, Ari Lehman, Gabrielle Stone, Kimberly Russell, John Dugan, Jennifer Titus, Jenice marshall, Anna Margaret, Chelsea Pereira, Nicole Pierce


Year of Production: 2018
Title Copyright: Program Content and Package Artwork © 2016 RPD Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved. Package Design and Summary © 2019 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Type: Home Entertainment Premiere  
Rating: Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language, and brief nudity.
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Closed-Captioned: N/A
Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish Subtitles
Feature Run Time: 84 Minutes 
Blu-ray Format: 1080P High Definition 16x9 2.35:1 Presentation
DVD Format: 16x9 (1.78:1) Presentation
Blu-ray Audio: English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio™
DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio