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They're Inside
(Epic Pictures)
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They're Iniside Trailer by Epic Pictures

When two sisters go to an isolated cabin in the woods to film a passion project, family secrets start to get in the way… as do masked strangers filming a passion project of their own.

Special Features: Two Audio Commentaries: With Writer/Director John-Paul Panelli and co-writer Schuyler Brumley Filmmaker Commentary with Director John-Paul Panelli Behind The Scenes: Aaron Mask Time Lapse (:29) Joanna Mask Time Lapse (:21) Original Ax Chop (1:53) Alex Rinehart Audition (4:59) Two Short Films: LOOP (5:00) Paranormal Ex-Tivity (11:08) Teaser Trailer Trailer English 5.1 Surround Sound and English Stereo 2.0 English CC Spanish Subtitles Blu-Ray is Region Free

Release Date 
July 16, 2019 on VOD, and Blu-Ray

Genre Horror

Rated Not Rated

Run-Time TBD

Directed By John-Paul Panelli

Stars Karli Hall, Amanda Kathleen Ward, Sascha Ghafoor, Chelsea D. Miller, Jake Ferree, Matthew Peschio, Alex Rinehart, Schuyler Brumley, Louie Chapman, MacLeod Andrews