Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken

Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken
Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken
A shy adolescent learns that she comes from a fabled royal family of legendary sea krakens and that her destiny lies in the depths of the waters, which is bigger than she could have ever imagined.
Year Of Production
Studio: Universal Pictures
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure
Rated: PG
Run-Time: 1H 31M
User Rating
User Rating: 5.7/10
Bob's Rating
Bob's Rating: 3/5
Directors: Kirk DeMicco, Faryn Pearl
Stars: Jane Fonda, Lana Condor, Toni Collette, Colman Domingo, Blue Chapman, Will Forte
Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken - A Splash of Adventure for All Ages

"Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken" from Universal Pictures invites audiences into a vibrant and whimsical world where sea monsters, disguised as Canadians, navigate life among humans. The film centers around Ruby Gillman, a young Kraken trying to lead a normal life on land while concealing her true identity. However, a twist of fate plunges her back into the ocean, revealing her extraordinary heritage as a giant kraken.

The movie is primarily designed to captivate children and teenagers, offering a delightful adventure with a focus on youthful experiences and important life lessons. The narrative explores themes of identity, family, and the courage to embrace one's true self, providing meaningful takeaways for its younger audience.

A standout feature of the film is its visually captivating aesthetics, featuring a palette of vibrant, eye-catching colors that enhance the playful and energetic tone of the story. The underwater scenes are particularly enchanting, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for Ruby's transformation into a giant kraken.

While "Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken" is aimed at entertaining and engaging a younger demographic, it also offers something for adults to enjoy. The storyline, though simpler in its approach, carries a charm that can resonate with older viewers, especially those who appreciate the theme of self-discovery and the journey towards acceptance.

In summary, "Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken" is a buoyant adventure that appeals primarily to children and teenagers, offering valuable life lessons and captivating visuals. However, it also holds a certain allure for adult audiences, making it an enjoyable and family-friendly movie, deserving of a solid 3/5 rating.